Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm now a blogger!

So this is my first blog post ever, but I am very excited to join the world of blogging! I thought I would start with a little background of how "Coffee Buzzed" came to be. A couple years back I started a little fascination with coffee, since then it has taken on a world of it's own. I am pretty sure it started from me having to drink a mass quantity of caffeine just to get me through my very early work day. I began to drink more coffee outside of work too. My friends and I started going to local coffee shops and hanging out. There I always met new people and really enjoyed using coffee as a social tool to make new friends. I also meet with a friend once a month and we try out a different coffee shop in town. Afterwards I like to write up a brief description on our experience. I also like to post different news stories or web articles about coffee that I find interesting. I was posting them on my personal facebook page. But someone then suggested I make a separate page and devote it to just my coffee addiction. And from there "Coffee Buzzed" was born! Not long after I started the facebook page I joined twitter. There I found a whole new world of followers just as addicted as me. Since joining I now have around 270 followers, and have made some really great friends. It's fun to see what people post, from the history of coffee to some of there personal stories. I hope who ever reads this post and the ones here on after enjoys reading what I have to say. Thanks for reading!