Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zoka Coffee

It’s time for the “Monthly Grind”. This is where my sidekick Debra and I put the spotlight on a local coffee shop. Our visit this month takes us to Zoka Coffee to see what all the buzz is about.

Well happy New Year to all my coffee friends! Starting a new year and I am already behind on my blog. Not a great way to start 2012, but I will work really hard to post on time from now on!

Ran across this location while on a walk of the newly renovated area of South Lake Union near the buildings. I had seen Zoka on a sign of local business in the area and knew that I had to bring Debra to check it out with me. The address is  351 Boren Ave. N in Seattle. I would also add that this location is only open during the week.

I had decided to drive and Debra took the trolley down to meet me. I have to say parking was no easy task! Of course it was in the middle of the work day, and it is surrounded by office buildings. Parking is definitely one of the downsides of this location. But at least they have the trolley available to ride. When we finally got inside we were both really surprised how nice it was! You could tell that it was very new and had a modern look to everything. The ceiling art was amazing, we both really liked that added look to it.

Went with my normal mocha and Debra went with an order of hot tea again. I have come to the conclusion that she is much more into tea than she is coffee. Not for sure which tea she went with, but she did say she really enjoyed it. The barista was pretty new and said she was trying to do some nice latte art to my drink, it turned out looking pretty good. The mocha itself was delicious! I really liked the foam and the thickness to it. I would definitely return just for another mocha. We ended up splitting a sandwich that we could tell are brought in from somewhere else. It was tasty though, no complaints from us.

There were a lot of people coming and going. It seemed that many of the the people worked in the offices. The atmosphere was really comfortable and relaxed. People were reading books and working on their laptops. I really enjoyed this visit a lot, and would recommend making a visit and checking it out. From their website you will find they have many locations to pick from. They are also a roaster. You can either pick up a bag in the store or order the beans off their site.

@ The Peak Café

It’s time for the “Monthly Grind”. This is where my sidekick Debra and I put the spotlight on a local coffee shop. Our visit this month takes us to @ The Peak Café to see what all the buzz is about.

So once again I am behind on my blog! But I know you will all forgive me :) This edition takes us back to December. Debra was lucky enough to find this spot and we got in our visit right at the end of the month.

This isn't the traditional coffee shop you would think of going to. It happens to be located in the front lobby of the Patricia Steel Building at 401 Broadway in the Capital Hill area of Seattle. Seemed that a lot of the workers in the bulding frequent this cafe. I am sure many of the other business in the surrounding area use it too. It was a small, but cozy cafe that you might stop in for a quick coffee or snack.

I ordered a mocha and a scone. Debra got a cup of hot tea, she is turning out to be quite the tea drinker on our meetings! Speaking of tea, this visit was right after Christmas. I got her the Tazo tea sampler from Starbucks. She was plesentley surprised!

It was a nice visit and would recommend stopping in for a visit if you happen to be in the area.