Monday, May 20, 2013

Perkins Coffee Company

It’s time for the “Monthly Grind”. This is where I put the spotlight on a local coffee shop. The visit this month takes us to Perkins Coffee Company to see what all the buzz is about.

Sorry I didn't post a blog last month :( But I will make up by posting a couple extra this month! I recently returned from a trip to Canada on a mini cruise along Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Before the trip, I started talking to Sarah Chauncey, the person in charge of Perkins Coffee social media. I mentioned the cruise ship would be stopping in Nanaimo and I would love to visit the coffee shop.

After the ship docked I boarded the shuttle bus that took us into the small but inviting little town. Nanaimo is nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It is also home to the famous "Nanaimo bar". After walking through the local farmers market and strolling the iconic harbour I was ready for some coffee!

I easily found Perkins in the heart of downtown. Once inside I asked for Sarah, the barista pointed me to the corner of the room...a.k.a "Sarah's office". We exchanged greetings and chatted about how great it was to finally meet in person! I asked if Kevin Perry the owner was around. He had just got back from making a catering delivery. One of the services they offer as part of the Perkins Coffee Company. 

After chatting with Kevin, I learned that his mother Lila is also a huge part to the success of the business. He even invited me into the back of the shop to meet her in person and see all that goes on behind the scenes. The smell of fresh baked bread was amazing! The coffee shop was purchased by Kevin & his mother from previous owners. They decided to keep the name Perkins Coffee. Not only do they sell a great cup of coffee, they offer a wide selection of sweet treats and savory homemade sandwiches. They are supplied by Spirit Bear Coffee Company. Their coffee blends are named after several different types of animals, mammals and even reptiles. I chose a cup of the Orca blend. Kevin also offered me a Nanaimo bar to go with it.  The coffee was a dark roast and was delicious. The Nanaimo bar was very sweet and rich. I would say one of those is plenty! Having both the bar and the coffee was a perfect paring.

I knew I must try one of the famous sandwiches too. Kevin was so generous he had one ordered for me to take to go! I devoured it once I got back to the ship. It was nearing lunch time and the coffee shop was quickly filling up with both the locals and fellow cruise ship passengers. Kevin and Sarah both had to get back to work too. I knew it was time for me to be on my way. 

Perkins Coffee Company was one of my favorite stops along my trip! Meeting Sarah, Kevin, Lila and all the staff of Perkins was really special. I would definitely recommend making a visit on your next visit to Vancouver Island. Not only are the people here super nice, they have great coffee and food to satisfy any craving you have. I will cherish the friendships I made here and can't thank them enough for everything!

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