Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vancouver, BC Coffee Tour

While in Vancouver, British Columbia last month, I visited a couple different coffee houses. This is definitely one of my favorite places to visit. Canadians love their coffee just as much as us Seattlities!

My first stop was to Caffè Artigiano. These cafes first started pouring coffee to customers in the year 2000. The Italian-themed coffeehouse and bistros are quite popular and are opening up new locations all time. After walking the streets of downtown I was ready for a coffee. I stepped into one of these inviting cafes to try them out. I ordered the "Artigiano Cappuccino". I always find it fascinating to watch a barista perform their artistic techniques making a cup of coffee. The first sip hit me by surprise, it had a strong but flavorful taste to it. Just what I needed to start off my day. I really was impressed with the coffee flavor and enjoyed the cafe atmosphere.

After walking around the waterfront and more of the city, the time came for another coffee stop. This stop was into a Blenz coffeehouse. I've visited many Blenz locations on past visits to Vancouver. Blenz first opened in 1992, to now having over 61 locations in British Columbia. It also operates internationally in Japan and the Philippines. This particular location really impressed me with its decor. It felt like stepping into an art gallery. I ordered a cup of their drip coffee and a tasty treat to go with it. I know their coffee is delicious and this visit was no different. I sipped my coffee while doing a bit of people watching. Blenz is a popular coffee stop through out the city and never disappoints.

I did happen to stop into a Starbucks during the trip. I won't talk much about them since almost every Starbucks is the same. That being said, I did want to mention a couple of things. Canadian Starbuck's always serve your drink with the lid off. Not sure why this is, but I myself like the lid already on the cup. I have also found these delicious treats called "Oat fudge bar". I've only been able to find these in Canadian Starbuck's stores. They are so delicious and I wish they would bring them to the USA soon!

For more information on either location, check out these websites: