Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soho Coffee

It’s time for the “Monthly Grind”. This is where my sidekick Debra and I put the spotlight on a local coffee shop. Our visit this month takes us to Soho Coffee Company to see what all the buzz is about.

First of all I have to apologize that I have neglected my blog for so long! I hate using the excuse that I have just been really busy and I haven't had time...but I really have been super busy!! No need to fear though, Debra and I have not been slacking on our coffee visits...we did make a visit to a new location each month.

Debra got to choose the spot in September. She picked the Soho coffee company in the central district of Seattle. It is a small little corner building next to a city park and a school. Once inside we felt very cozy and it had that coffee house feeling. I ordered an iced mocha since it was still somewhat summer time. They serve Stumptown coffee and it was very good! Debra ordered an herbal tea, it's got a pretty fancy name to it. They call it "Find Serenity" (free your heavy soul)...it includes St. John's Wart, orange peel, borage, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and stevia. Now that's what I call a cup of tea! I did give Debra a hard time because she had ordered tea the last couple visits. The Coffee Buzzed felt she needed to be drinking coffee. Debra loved her tea and couldn't stop raving about it. I can safely recommend it to any future guests.

The staff was very friendly and also very helpful in helping us make our drink decisions. We just sat and enjoyed our drinks while getting to chat and catch up. I could tell from the other guests that this was a local hangout for them. It really felt like we were in the neighborhood coffee house. In conclusion I would recommend it to any locals in the area. On their website and blog, I had read that a "New Transformation" is in the works. Can't wait to visit again and see what's new at Soho!